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Program Overview



The basic purpose of the Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management is to provide students with both a general knowledge of business and a specialized knowledge in human resource management. Students are exposed to the theory, research and practical applications of numerous content areas, including HR strategy, employee selection, talent management, compensation and benefits, training and development, HR law, HR analytics, and HR consulting. The program is designed to prepare students for human resource management careers in business and industrial firms, as well as government and nonprofit organizations.

Degree Requirements

The program is designed primarily for the student who has a bachelor's degree in business administration. A minimum of 30 semester hours is required if the student chooses to write a thesis. If the student chooses not to write a thesis, a minimum of 36 semester hours is required. Students who do not have bachelor's degrees in business administration may have to take additional course work (up to 18 semester hours) to acquire sufficient general business knowledge for effective performance as a human resource executive.

Course work for the program includes 18 hours of required work in human resource management, 6 hours of required work in research and statistical methods, 3 hours of strategic management, and thesis or elective hours in related management courses to complete the 30- or 36-hour requirements. For the students who choose to write a thesis, the 6 hours of thesis will involve working closely with one or more members of the graduate faculty from the Department of Management on a research project in a specialized area of interest in human resource management.

Curriculum Requirements

1. Advanced Courses
      A. Required human resource management courses
            MANA 5340 Strategic Human Resource Management
            MANA 5341 Staffing and Performance Management
            MANA 5322 Compensation and Benefits
            MANA 5323 Training and Development
            MANA 5327 Human Resource Law
            MANA 5334 Organizational Consulting
      B. Required research courses
            STAT 5325 Advanced Statistical Methods in Business
            MANA 5329 Methods of Organizational Research
      C. Required capstone courses
            MANA 5336 Strategic Management
2. Thesis option requires 6 semester hours (MANA 5698).
3. Non-thesis option requires 9 elective semester hours.
4. Students without a business undergraduate degree may need to complete up to 18 hours of general business course work.