Study Abroad 2014

 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most commonly asked questions about College of Business’s Study Abroad Program in Barcelona.

1. When will the course be offered?      

        The courses will be offered as part of our Summer I semester.  Currently, the classes are scheduled to begin on May 20th, 2013.  After 5 days of classes on campus, we fly to Barcelona on May 25th.  Remaining classes will be in Barcelona and we will fly back on June 16th.

2. Where will the classes be held?

        The first four days of classes will be offered here and the rest of the classes will be taught at the  Barcelona International College campus in Barcelona.

3. How much will it cost?

        The cost of the program is $3150.  There will be an early bird discount of $100 for those who sign up by December 15th.This does not include airfare or UTA tuition.Airfare is expected to be about $1000 based on prices last year.

4. What does the above price include?  What is not included?

        The price includes furnished apartment housing, orientation, local transportation, overseas medical insurance, English-speaking on-site support, required field trips to businesses, intercultural communication training, a welcome lunch/dinner, and a farewell dinner.  It does not include UTA tuition, or personal expenses for food and entertainment.

5. Will there be any problems in transferring credit?

        These are UTA classes taught by UTA faculty to UTA students at an off campus location.  Therefore, there will be no issues of transfer of credits.

6. Can I get financial aid or scholarship for this program?

         Yes, financial aid is available for this program, just as it is available for any semester of your education at UTA.  For scholarship information, contact kelsi Cavazos ( or 817-272-1120.

7. What courses are being offered?

         Comparative Economic Systems (ECON 4306) & International Organizational Behavior  (MANA 4391)



                                   Dr. Tim Wunder,

                          Dr. Jeanne Michalski,