Full Time Faculty


George Benson, Department Chair & Associate Professor
PhD, University of Southern California, 2002
Telephone: 817-272-3856    Office: 213
Email: benson@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Employee Development, Human capital management, Employee Involvement, Corporate Governance.


Myrtle P Bell, Professor
PhD, University of Texas-Arlington, 1996
Telephone: 817-272-3857    Office: 214
Email: mpbell@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Diversity and Social Issues at Work, Human Resources, Diversity Education and Training.


Wendy Casper, Professor, PHD Coordinator, Associate Dean for Research
PhD, George Mason University, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-1133    Office: 233
Email: wjcasper@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Work-life Issues, Training and Development, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Multivariate Statistics.


Wayne Crawford, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2015
Telephone: 817-272-3855    Office: 212
Email: wayne.crawford@uta.edu
Research Interests : Research methods; quantitative analysis; impression management; work-family interface; organizational politics; leader-member exchange; organizational deviance.


Deepak Datta, Eunice and James L.West Chair of Private Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1986
Telephone: 817-272-5493    Office: 204
Email: ddatta@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Business Policy, Management of Multinational Enterprises, Management of the Multinational Corporations.


Tom Graca, Director of MS-HRM Program and Clinical Professor
Ed.D, Texas A&M Commerce, 2004
J.D., Southern Methodist University, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3868    Office: 231
Email: tomg@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Employment Law, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior


Beverly George, Clinical Assistant Professor
EdD, The George Washington University, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3144    Office: 208
Email: bhgeorge@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Management Process Theory, Human Resource Management,
Business Society Ethics, with research in Action Learning Principles and Group Theory.


David Gray,  Professor
PhD, University of Massachusetts, 1974
Telephone: 817-272-3387    Office: 334
Email: gray@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : --

Alison Hall

Alison Hall, Assistant Professor
PhD, A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, 2014
Telephone: 817-272-3862    Office: 224
Email: alison.hall@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Effective Leadership, Managing the Enterprise,Demographically-based Bias, Stigma
Leadership, Diversity, and Discrimination


Susanna Khavul, Research Professor
DBA, Boston University, 2001
Telephone: 817-272-3868    Office: 231
Email: skhavul@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation.


James Lavelle, Associate Professor
Telephone: 817-272-3854    Office: 211
Email: lavelle@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Negotiations and Conflict Management.


Dwight Long,  Senior Lecturer
MBA, University of Texas-Arlington, 2008
Telephone: 817-272-2395    Office: 526
Email: delong@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Strategy.


David Mack, Clinical Professor
PhD, University of Texas-Arlington, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-3085    Office: 333
Email: davemack@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Organization Consulting & Research, Leadership.

Ann McFadyen, Associate Professor
PhD, Texas A & M University, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-0214    Office: 227
Email: mcfadyen@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Strategy, Knowledge Creation, Exchange Networks,
Strategic Alliances, Strategic Management.


Jeffrey McGee, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Georgia, 1992
Telephone: 817-272-3412    Office: 229
Email: jmcgee@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Strategy, Strategic Management .


Jeanne Michalski, Clinical Associate Professor
PhD, University of South Florida, 1990
Telephone: 817-272-3864    Office: 606
Email: michalski@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Effective Leadership, Staffing and Performance Management, Human Resources Management.


Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt, Associate Professor
PhD, The University of Memphis, 2005
Telephone: 817-272-3858    Office: 215
Email: lnordtvedt@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer, Time in Organizations, International Collaboration, Strategic Management.


Abdul Rasheed, Eunice and James L. West Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1988
Telephone: 817-272-3867    Office: 209C
Email: abdul@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Corporate Governance, Franchising, International Management, Environment Analysis.


James Campbell Quick, John and Judy Goolsby- Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair
PhD, University of Houston, 1977
Telephone: 817-272-3869    Office: 617
Email: jquick@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership, Executive Health, Organizational Behavior,
Preventive Stress Management.


Dennis Veit , Lecturer, Advisor for MS HRM Program
MBA, Texas Christian University, 1978
Telephone: 817-272-3865    Office: 216
Email: dveit@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership, Human Resource Management.


Terry Wilensky, Clinical Associate Professor
PhD, University of Missouri at Kansas City
Telephone: 817-272-0233    Office: 216
Email: twilensky@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Behavior, Communication In Organizations, Management Process Theory,
Ethics, Leadership, Teamwork, Performance & Human Resource Management, Team Management

Part Time Faculty


Georgetta Baptist
MHSM, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, 2001
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: candybaptist@uta.edu


Janice Carrell
PhD, Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2006
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: janice.carrell@uta.edu


Paul Hash
J.D., St. Marry University, 1987 
214-647-2105    Office: 209
Research/teaching : H.R.Law


Reinhard Janson
Master of Business Administration, Pace University, NY
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: rjanson@uta.edu


Rebecca Neilson
MS, University of Texas at Arlington
Telephone: 817-272-3649    Office: 107R
Email: rneilson@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership.


Patricia Parham
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: patricia.parham@uta.edu


Gary Peterson
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: gary.peterson@uta.edu


Dianne Sanchez
PhD, Capella University, MN
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: dianns@uta.edu


Jeff Severs
MBA, Rutgers University
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: jeff.severs@uta.edu

Lee Thurburn
MBA, University of Texas at Arlington
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 350
Email: thurburn@uta.edu

Health Care Administration Faculty


Demetria Wilhite, Program Advisor and Director
Telephone: 817-272-1287    Office: 208
Email: demetria@uta.edu


Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistants


Ankita Agarwal, Teaching Assistant
PhD (Human Resource), MBA (Human Resource)
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ankita.agarwal@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Resource Management


Esther Lamarre, Teaching Assistant
Master of Education, University of Georgia, 2011
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: esther.lamarre@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior & HR Management


Joohan Lee, Teaching Assistant
MS(HRM), Texas A&M University, 2010
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: joohan.lee@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behaviors and HR management.


Ifeyimika Ogunyomi, Teaching Assistant
MS Human Resources, University of Texas, Arlington, 2016
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ifeyimika.ogunyomi@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Human Resources


Tushar Shah, Teaching Assistant
Master's in Personnel Management, University of Pune,India, 1997
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: tushar.shah@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Strategy and HRM Through Analytics.


Singh Nitin Kumar, Teaching Assistant
MBA (Finance and Marketing)
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 236
Email: nitin.singh@mavs.uta.edu


Kilho Shin, Teaching Assistant
MS Economics, SUNY Buffalo, 2014
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 204
Email: kilho.shin@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management and International Business


Manisha Vaswani, Teaching Assistant
M.Sc. Finance, St. Francis College (Osmania University) India, 2013
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 236
Email: manisha.vaswani@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic HR, Strategic Entrepreneurship & International Business.


Ajith Venugopal, Teaching Assistant
MBA, University of Kerala, India, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ajith.venugopal@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management,Innovation, Micro Foundations of Strategy.

Student/Faculty Assistants

Arpit Agrawal, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: arpit.agrawal@mavs.uta.edu

Sanjana Suresh, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: sanjana.suresh@mavs.uta.edu

Yamini Mahendran, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: yamini.mahendran@mavs.uta.edu